SUNDAY AFTERNOONS (4:30pm-5:45pm)

What We Do

We love Sunday Afternoons at LNC

Sunday Afternoons is the time when our community comes together

We share coffee/tea/juice together and catch up with a chat

We follow this with a home-cooked meal where there is always more than enough food to go around (bring a container with you if you want to take food home later!)

We then share a time of child-friendly worship (about 15-20 minutes) and this time of worship is probably not what you might be imagining

We don't do stand-up and sit-down hymns and sermons

We read a Bible reading together, we reflect on the passage and its meaning for us today

We then have a discussion or a craft or a game or an art project or a... or a... or a...

We finish with a short prayer

Before staying around for a bit to drink more coffee and chat


On the last Sunday of the month we do something a bit different and share in a Bring and Share meal

During a Bring and Share, people will bring food from home and we enjoy all sorts of different foods

After the Bring and Share meal we share an intergenerational Communion together

All are welcome to receive Communion - whether it's your first time or your 5,000th

Rough Timings

4:30-4:40 - arrival and refreshments

4:40-5:15 - community meal

5:15-5:35 - worship activities

5:35-5:45 - more chatting  and departure