Urban Quiet: Finding space in the midst of noise



Urban Quiet is a new contemplative gathering taking place twice a month at St. Faith's Church, Tribe Road, PO12 3NS.

Urban Quiet meets twice a month for an hour of quiet.

Each gathering begins with a welcome, a short opening prayer and a short spiritual reading that may take the form of a poem, the writings of a mystic or a short passage of the Bible.

There is then an extended, sustained time of silence of 40 to 45 minutes in which participants may spend time reflecting on the passage, in silent prayer or engaging in the practice of mindfulness.

Each gathering closes with the words of the Lord’s Prayer, followed by a short prayer of blessing.

Urban Quiet is suitable for people of faith, those who are spiritual not religious and those who have no faith.

Urban Quiet meets twice a month, on the 3rdSunday of the month from 10-11 AM and on the 1st Thursday of the month from 7-8 PM.

The dates for autumn 2019 are as follows:

Sunday 15th of September (10-11 AM)

Thursday 3rd of October (7-8 PM)

Sunday 20th October (10-11 AM)

Thursday 7th November (7-8 PM)

Sunday 17th of November (10-11 AM)

Thursday 5th of December (7-8 PM)

Sunday 15th of December (10-11 AM)

As the journey of Urban Quiet progresses we will be exploring the possibility of meeting for seasonal Guided Meditations and occasional Quiet Days.